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Custom Built Confidence

Custom Colors

All special orders must be paid for in advance with a minimum order of 50 pcs per color.

Instructions for ordering:

1. submit order via email

2. We will contact you to confirm your order and get style and color details as well as payment details.  Payment may be made via PayPal , Credit Card or Money Order. If paying with a money order, the order will not be started until money order is received.

3. We do not duplicate body styles. If you have a color you want duplicated please mail it to:

Cache Custom Lure

Po Box 434

Millville, Ut 84326


Contact Kent at 435-232-1852 to place a custom color order.


Custom Built Confidence

Thank you!





Cache Custom lures is proud to offer Customized Lures.  Whether you are a recreational angler or a professional tournament angler. We would like to give you the confidence that comes with designing your own custom color combinations.


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    Minimum order of 50 pc  per color for custom colors



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